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Think large. Take a suite
„Start your
day right"

Your breakfast in the centre of Vienna
The enjoyable start to the day

Breakfast should be fresh, regional / organic, tailored to needs, diverse, creative, health-conscious... We are convinced that a really good day starts with a really good balanced breakfast! That's why we indulge you with a breakfast buffet in Vienna that fulfills almost every wish.

In the choice of food, we attach great importance to the highest quality and freshness, but also to regionality. We obtain our food primarily from local farmers and producers.

Regional delicacies, organic products, hearty, seasonal, Austrian, lactose-free, gluten-free food - whatever your heart  or rather your taste craves for, our breakfast buffet offers it. And if you are in the mood for scrambled eggs, eggs with bacon or an omelet, we prepare it for you with pleasure in one minute.

If you want to sleep longer, you can do it quietly. Our breakfast buffet is open from 6.30 am to 11 am. It would not be the HiLight Suites Hotel, if we did not have a highlight for breakfast either: in each suite we serve our Viennese Breakfast! You have the choice! And if one of those days, when there is no time for breakfast, your coffee to go is waiting for you, of course, from the best Viennese coffee.

For every guest the day should start from its most beautiful side, we believe. That's why we also welcome people for breakfast, who are not hotel guests.