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„Stay safe"

Corona travel information for your upcoming stay

The health, safety and wellbeing of our guests has always been our priority. But in these extraordinary times that has never matted more. That is why we have made some important changes within HiLight Suites Hotel in Vienna, including enchanced cleaning policies, updated hygiene standards and appropriate social distancing procedures.

Current entry requirements to Austria

Entry from countries with a sufficiently low incidence is possible without quarantine. This applies to most European and some other countries. You can find the information on pre-travel clearance here. Indispensable condition: you have stayed in these countries in the last 10 days. Registration is required prior to entry (“pre-travel clearance”). Here you go directly to the entry form.

You will also need a negative Covid test, a valid vaccination or proof of recovery ("3-G rule"). This means: by an inspection, you must show a medical certificate, a test result, a vaccination certificate / vaccination pass or an official / medical certificate of recovery in German or English. If you do not have any of these documents with you, you will have to do a PCR or antigen test in Austria within 24 hours.

Tested, recovered or vaccinated

In order to enter the hotel, a proof of a "low epidemiological risk" is generally required. This means all guests should be tested, recovered or vaccinated. Children up to the age of 6 do not need any proof of a low epidemiological risk.

1.1. Testet

  • Negative PCR-Tests (validity 72 hours)
  • Antigen-Tests (validity 48 hours)
  • For children school tests should be recognized as entry tests
  • You can test yourself for SARS-CoV-2 in test streets in Austria free of charge. You can register under "Austria tests" or via the hotline 0800/220 330.

1.2. Recovered

  • A separation notice or a medical confirmation that you have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection in the last six months
  • Evidence of neutralizing antibodies that must not be older than three months

1.3. Vaccinated 

  • Proof of a first Covid vaccination from the 22nd day after the first vaccination or second vaccination
  • Vaccination from the 22nd day after vaccination for vaccines for which only one vaccination is intended
  • Vaccination if not more than nine months ago and if there was positive PCR test 21 days prior to vaccination or evidence of neutralizing antibodies prior to vaccination
  • From August 15, second vaccination is only valid as proof of complete immunization. The proof is issued from the day of the 2nd vaccination. The rules for people who are vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson and for those who have recovered and who have been tested remain unchanged.

FFP2 masks requirement

In compliance with the 3G rule in Vienna, there is no protection mask requirement in the hotel. A mask can be worn, but there is no obligation, if it can be proven that it has been tested, recovered or vaccinated. Mask requirement (MNS) still applies in Vienna: in public transport, retail, museums, hospitals, nursing homes.

With the due distance and our stringent hygiene guidelines, we are always at your disposal for the relaxing and safe stay in Vienna in our HiLight Suites Hotel.

Hygiene Standards

Our comprehensive, well considered infection protection and hygiene measures, in addition to rools of conduct - mouth and nose protection and keeping min. 1.5 m distance - contribute to a hygienically secure environment for our guests and employees. Our hotel employees are regularly tested for Corona. Trainings has been provided to all HiLight team members on our strict hygiene procedures. Disinfectants are available at all hotel entrance areas. All guests can benefit from our contactless check-in.

Our high cleaning standards were revised and strengthened by additional disinfection measures. All suites are deep cleaned between guest stays. Regular cleaning and disinfection of all hotel communal areas - is made with great care and in compliance with newly updated high hygiene and cleaning standards.